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Creating Hope

Tom founded Impact Ministries International (IMI) to help him expand his evangelism and prophetic ministry in the late 1980’s. God has turned IMI into something so much more than just prophesying and evangelizing. In the early 90’s with the help of Rev Stephen Stauffacher, IMI began to ordain people in ministry.

Tom and Teresa have met so many people gifted and called into ministry who are not finding acceptance or a platform to do what they are called to. They are adamant that they must do something about it. They created an ordination process that has ordained over 750 people who now serve God as pastors, teachers, missionaries, church leaders, and so much more in over 30 countries. IMI ministers are found all over the world in countries including Honduras, Guatemala, Peru, Mexico, Belize, Haiti, Columbia, Argentina, Ukraine, Belarus, Ireland, Turkey, India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Cambodia, Burma, Laos, Liberia, Norway, UK, Ireland, Canada, Fiji, Costa Rica, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Congo, and Uganda.

Now in addition to ordination, IMI helps hundreds of individuals through entrepreneurial support and mentorship alongside personal development and mentorship.

Personal Development Ministries

Preaching Ministries


Tom and Teresa noticed many highly called and gifted individuals not finding a place of acceptance in areas of ministry. They’ve since addressed this issue through the creation of IMI’s ordination process. This process has since ordained over 750 pastors in over 3o countries around the world.

Women’s Conferences

Year after year, Teresa has hosted a women’s conference with incredible testimonies. This has become a yearly staple of God’s wondrous acts toward his beloved Bride. Signs, wonders, identities restored, and, of course, glorious worship are all parts of the conference

Entrepreneurial Support

God’s calling on a life can take many forms, often times this may come in the form of entrepreneurial dreams. Hoping to inspire many to pursue God’s call on their life, Tom and Teresa have begun connecting business starters and owners around the country. They’ve also hosted 5 entrepreneurial conferences.

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