City of Refuge: Honduras

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His Name is Hope

This City of Refuge is the prototype for other cities. It began with a small house, some hired cooks, and children taken off the streets. Now it is a top 4 diverse farm that has 100 staff, over 80 buildings, houses and educates 90 children, and is almost completely self-sustaining. The farm continues to expand and is on its way to feeding 10,000 people a day with protein, fruit, and veggies! 

This city is very close to being entirely self-sustaining. While that’s our goal, we are not ready to stop expanding. The local community still needs help, so we are continuing to build new projects. The latest building projects are a welding school to help train men for skilled jobs, free housing for those living in extreme poverty, and a grocery store.

C.O.R Honduras is achieving national awareness. This city is highly regulated by the Honduran government and is completely transparent about its finances. It passes annual inspections and was noted to be above standard in its education and its ability to offer its students meat to eat every day. Many of the Hondurans on staff are highly qualified and have higher education degrees. C.O.R Honduras has a physician, psychologist, and social worker devoted to caring for the children. The farm is run by talented agricultural managers and engineers. Recently we agreed to accept agricultural students from local universities to learn the latest strategies and techniques in agriculture! 

Want to learn more? Attend one of Tom’s meetings or go on a short-term mission trip to Honduras!

We Need your Support!

We would not be able to accomplish our mission without God’s blessing and the support of our generous donors and partners. Please consider joining our team through prayer and financial support to help change lives. If you want to see it first hand, come on a short-term missions trip to the C.O.R Honduras! We would love to host you and your church. Together we WILL change lives and destinies.

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