Community Development

Christian Building Project

Building Upwards!

Almost all community development projects happen through IMI’s Cities of Refuge. IMI Cities of Refuge (COR) are places where children can meet Jesus, engage in life-giving community, and grow in a nurturing environment. We believe in creating a space where children can have their everyday needs met, have authentic encounters with Christ, discover their gifts, and use them for Him!

In addition to meeting the needs of their people, these cities serve as Christian Missionary Bases. Outreach and Evangelism is at the heart of every city. They provide a safe place for refuge as well as stand as a beacon of hope for those yet to meet Jesus.

Hospital Building Project

Christian Hospital Project Ministry

The proposed two story City of Refuge hospital project is the brain child of Rev Dr. Teresa Stammon. Currently there is one Medical Doctor serving approximately 20,000 people in 14 communities. The City of Comayagua is the closest place where people can receive medical care; provided they have the funds to cover the cost. As Teresa says, “If you don’t have money in Honduras, you die.”

The goal is to provide a full range of health care services to Hondurans as well as those from other countries on a sliding-scale basis. This is a huge step toward our achieving self sufficiency and long term sustainability.

Well Digging Programs

Access to Clean Water

Impact Ministries International has partnered with churches and organizations around the world to dig 32 water wells in eight countries including Honduras, Burma, Malawi, Cambodia, Vietnam, Liberia, Madagascar, and Laos.

The aim is always to support the entirety of the community regardless if they accept the message of Jesus or not.

Agricultural Development

We believe that “Agriculture Changes Culture.” Jesus frequently met people’s material needs before addressing their deeper spiritual ones. Impact ministries international has adopted this model for its mission projects

Inspired by this aim, In 2008, we launched our first agricultural project in Uganda by buying 100 acres for farming development, and later expanded to Honduras. Today the City of Refuge farm in Guatemala feeds approximately 200 a day.

Agricultural project, cows and rancher

We Need your Support!

We would not be able to accomplish our mission without God’s blessing and the support of our generous donors and partners. Please consider joining our team through prayer and financial support to help change lives. If you want to see it first hand, come on a short-term missions trip to the C.O.R Honduras! We would love to host you and your church. Together we WILL change lives and destinies.

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