Celenia and Aliana’s Story

Struggling to survive in the face of neglect and poverty, twin sisters Celenia and Aliana’s* (their real names were changed for protection) story is a testament to God’s healing power and the extreme poverty facing many kids who come to live in the City of Refuge.

Celenia and Aliana were born into a single-parent home. Their mom struggled to care for them, and after just three months, made the painful decision to abandon them to a neighbor. The neighbor brought the girls to the City of Refuge.

Celenia and Aliana were victims of the extreme poverty that exists in the neighborhoods surrounding Comayagua. Families struggle to earn enough money to pay for food, and children lack basic necessities and adequate food. 

When the girls arrived, they were severely malnourished and looked underweight and listless. They were on the verge of dying. 

Now 15 years later, they have flourished under the love and attention of Teresa, Tom, and City of Refuge staff. They are healthy teenagers and cheerful jokesters. Despite the extreme malnutrition as infants, their bodies have overcome through God’s healing power and the support of professional staff on site. They are athletic, musical, and talented at anything they set their mind to do. Their future is bright and full of potential!

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