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Impact Ministries International Missionary Testimonies

 I’ve been coming to Honduras for the last three years. The first time I came to Honduras there was only one main building that the orphanage was based from. Through the years that I have been here, there has been multiple buildings put up, including the boys dorm, the school, and the kitchen, along with finishing the girls dorm and the hotel. God has had his hand on all of the progress being done, with many people around the United States coming together to build buildings for the Kingdom of God.   – Jordan, Iowa Worship Leader

The first time I came to Honduras was three years ago, and I have come with my family a total of four times. I absolutely love coming down because every time the bond between myself and the kids, nannies, and drivers gets stronger and stronger. I had to beg and beg my parents to come the first time, and now we can’t stop coming. I have fallen in love with the country of Honduras.   – Leeha, College Student

The first time I came down to Honduras I was skeptical of the trip. I didn’t know what I was really getting myself into. When I first arrived at the orphanage the kids rushed to the vans and hugged me as soon as I stepped out. It touched my heart very deeply. The kids truly love having a lot of company and knowing that people love them so much. The reason I keep coming down is to see all the progress being made. Every time I visit there are new buildings finished and new ones coming up. It is truly an experience that will not be forgotten.   – Luke, High School Student

When my family and I came to Honduras for the first time I didn’t know what to expect. When I saw the widows and orphans for the first time it made me think about all of the things I complain about. The children were thankful for everything, no matter how little. I was humbled by what I saw and by how much help the Hondurans really need. God has changed my life forever and my heart will always be in Honduras.   Sarah, College Student

My plan after high school is to go to college and study psychology to become a Christian Marriage, Relationship and Family Counselor. I would also like to help the orphans get through their psychological issues. When I come to Honduras and hear about the pain and misery that these orphans have been through it tears me apart and softens my heart even more than before. Those feelings draw me to keep coming back to see these kids and help them. Also, even when these kids have gone through hell, they are still thankful for what they have, and have smiles on their faces. That is what I go to Honduras for and why I will keep going.   – Jacob, High School Sophomore

This is my first Missions trip. I have always wanted to go on a Missions trip or a Red Cross trip, and after meeting up with [2 other families], I decided to come to Honduras with them. I thoroughly enjoyed my adventure. It was profound seeing the living conditions of the Honduran people and determining the best course of action to make the most impact on their lives. I love physical work so naturally I wanted to do the construction. It was very heart-warming to know that the shelves, benches and tables would be used and needed by the orphans every day. The emotional roller-coaster of our week long mission trip is hard to put into words. It will be a trip I will never forget. I hope that in the future I am able to bring my family so that we can accomplish even more. Thank you so much for the opportunity to touch lives in God’s name.   – Stephanie Dostal, Teacher & Married mother of two

The missions trip in Dec./Jan. opened my eyes and heart, to see how God has his people become one in his spirit, to do the things he desires in the people of Honduras. God loves all his kids no matter where they are or what circumstance they are in. I will be going again to Honduras, because you can see things being done for the kingdom of God.


I’ve been blessed to have had the opportunity to see the prior two homes IMI has used to house our kids. The progress that has been made in providing for these precious children has been due to one miracle after another of God’s provision accomplished through the people He uses to contribute to this ministry. Visiting the original orphanage reminded me of the excitement we experienced in moving the kids to their next home. Now, to see the current property and the number of kids being cared for is simply overwhelming.


The need is so great to raise these children. The evidence of success is apparent in a young man named Carlos. When I was here in 2008 he was one of our kids. I had the privilege of seeing him on this trip to find he is now a family man with a wife and a 3 month old baby and diligently serving in the church. Another example of success is Adriana, our first high school graduate who is heading for medical school. We have been Facebook friends for a little while and when we met she gave me the longest, tightest hug! Looking her in the eye and telling her I’m proud of her was a priceless moment I’ll cherish forever.



– Donna Garber


Going home is going to be very difficult. Thank you, Tom & Teresa, for being so diligent with your passion for these kids.


– Barb Finley


It was truly a life changing experience, and since I’ve been back I can’t stop but think about Honduras. I truly didn’t want to leave. I made amazing friendships with the missionaries, the Honduran people, and the children. Every experience that I had was absolutely amazing. I got to experience the amazing works of God at the medical clinic with some missionaries that were absolutely amazing and whom I look up to now. I also got to go to the dumps where people live. And my mind is still processing it. I have seen videos and pictures of the dump, but it’s not the same experience until you’re actually there. God loves the people of Honduras and to see people accept Jesus into their lives is amazing to witness. & being around the kids… Well they brought me so much joy. I got to make amazing friendships with them. IMI is truly making a change in Honduras.


– Brittany Thomas


This is a life changing experience. You will never be the same. This is an opportunity to be a true servant of God. “The Lord watches over the strangers; He relieves the fatherless and widow;….(Ps. 146:9a)


– Robert Shank


Memory maker for my wife and I and our four children. Great time bonding as a family as we worked on the playground together. To watch the children swing and slide was worth all the expense of the trip. The City of Refuge is taking shape thanks to the prayers, finances, time and hard work from God’s Servants.

Many Blessings,


Pastor Kurt and Karen

Kelli, KC, Kyle & Keaton


Helping the poor, widows, and orphans is an experience I’ll never forget. Letting them know they matter, they are important to me and to God. Face to face. Helping them to have a place where they belong. Not roaming the streets or looking in garbage to provide their basic needs. Seeing the smiles on their faces. Going to church with them, worshiping, hearing their testimony. To give them a future and a hope by actions not just words. Encouraging words, giving gifts, giving hugs, working on projects. More rewarding than anything I’ve done. Praying for God to give a little mustard seed of faith and move the mountain of pain, sorrow, and poverty. What is God asking of us? Lose our life, to gain life?

God be with you,


Walter Groff


Thanks to Teresa and Tom for all they do for the kids at their orphanage. These kids are no longer orphans – they are precious family members.


– Debbie Anthony