Impact Ministries Family

Impact Ministries International’s Reverend Tom Stamman

Impact Ministries International was started by Tom Stamman, a traveling prophet and evangelist who ministers all over the country preaching God’s word and praying with the gifts of Prophecy and Word of Knowledge to anyone who attends his meetings. Tom literally travels all over the United States and the World to anywhere he is invited in order to preach and pray for people. On any given night you may find him in private homes, large churches, or even preaching outside. Tom has ministered all over the country in states such as Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Washington, Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Hawaii, California, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska. And in countries such as Haiti, Honduras, Argentina, Poland, and Germany just to name a few. View the Calendar page for updates on Tom’s upcoming meeting destinations, he may be preaching in a city near you!