Our Impact

Impact Ministries International supports and works in 55 countries across the globe. Most of these countries are represented on the map above. Countries are helped in a variety of ways, and some in more ways than one. IMI provides services in fields including Education, Economics, Agriculture, Medical, Spirituality, Church-Building, Ordination, Missions, Building and supplying Orphanages, Building and Aiding Feeding Centers, and Digging Wells. This is just the beginning.

In Comayagua, Honduras we are building the City of Refuge. If you were to travel here with one of our missions groups you would see the following projects in varying stages of completion: a girl’s orphanage, medical clinic, high school, community center, hotel, retail center, rec center, technical school, barn and agricultural land. Projects we had planned for the future have already begun and we will be documenting the progress on the following:

  • Child’s Playground

  • Water Purification System

  • Irrigation System

  • Tractor Shed

  • Large Storage Buildings

  • Desks for Classrooms

  • Fruit and Vegetable Gardens

  • Tilapia Pond

  • Landscaping

It is difficult to truly appreciate the work that is being done without seeing the amazing images from the many places we serve. Be sure to view our Media pages for videos and photos of our progress and our work. In those photos you will see the garbage dumps where rescued children once ate scraps but you will also see the faces of our smiling children playing sports and studying. You will see images of one of our rescued children who is now a medical student, and you will watch videos of missionaries and hear their testimonies about how traveling to our orphanages has changed their lives.

We know we are impacting our world when we rescue, feed, educate, and provide a safe environment for the impoverished, abandoned, and often abused children of the world. But we hope we are also impacting the hearts and minds of those who are in the position to help others. Impact Ministries International encourages you to take the time to learn more about the future missions trips we are offering. We also suggest you bookmark our Calendar and schedule a day to meet Reverend Tom Stamman, President of Impact Ministries International, at one of the home and church meetings he will be leading this year. We hope you will take the time to learn more about us, be impacted, and help others who cannot help themselves.