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What percentage of my money is really used to feed the children I am supporting?

100% of all designated money is sent overseas to designated countries. Video proof of the Impact Ministries International Orphanages and Feeding Centers is available on our website. You are also invited to travel to Honduras and other countries as a part of a Missions trip team if you wish to see how your money is being invested in the lives of the children. Reverend Tom and Dr. Teresa Stamman live on only 10% of their income and donate the remaining 90%. Their goal is to live on only 2%. Most of their income is generated by retreat centers and other business ventures. Impact Ministries International’s financial records are available by request from a CPA. A minimal fee is required for the CPA to copy and send our records.


Why doesn’t Impact Ministries International focus more of its support on America?

The children of God are facing troubles across the globe. Reverend Tom and Doctor Teresa Stamman assist 5-15 American citizens each month by giving them a place to stay in their own home. Everyone from ministers to recovering drug addicts have spent days, weeks or even months at the Stamman residence, are given jobs, and an opportunity to change their lives.

In the United States there are “Safety Net” programs. In the countries supported by Impact Ministries International these options do not exist. Not only are children and widows literally forgotten and ignored, but they would starve to death without the support of IMI.


Can I see firsthand the work Impact Ministries International is achieving in these countries?

Each year Impact Ministries International offers at least two Missions Trips. Over 800 people have traveled with Impact Ministries International and you would be welcome to join us. This year we have already had several trips, and we have more scheduled for every remaining month of this year. For more information please view our Missions page.


There are many programs that feed hungry children. How is Impact Ministries International different?

Impact Ministries International feeds children but we also plant and sustain farms and teach children how to sustain them, provide Christian education, seek jobs for the children, provide assistance with medical needs, build the communities so that the children will have jobs and opportunities, offer legal help, and more. 100% of all designated money goes overseas and we share our financials upon request.

As of August 2012 Impact Ministries International has been feeding over 10,000 children each month, and is feeding children and widows in 15 different countries. But our care does not stop at food and water. We provide educational support, medical supplies, doctors, and help for the abused and raped children. Our goal is not just to help suffering children survive, we want them to live happily, abundantly, and have their needs met. In 2009 and 2012 Impact Ministries International’s Honduras Orphanage was voted Best Orphanage in Honduras.


I noticed that Reverend Tom Stamman is mentioned on Why?

Years ago one person did write a complaint about Tom Stamman himself. The person has since retracted his complaint, admitted its falsity and even posted a statement on his own website about the complaint being untrue. Despite numerous requests by the complainant will not remove the comment. Since this occurrence, the person who originally posted the complaint has requested to become an ordained minister through Impact Ministries International.

Why does the City of Refuge have such a nice pool?

That is an excellent question.  Here is the biggest reason.