We are blessed to have a full range of professionals on staff at the The City of Refuge including psychologists, social workers, teachers and professional child care providers.

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The City of Refuge would not run at all were it not for these ladies dotting the  proverbial “I”s and crossing the “T”s. They handle all the accounting, purchasing, scheduling, payroll, etc.   we are grateful for their dedication and meticulous attention the to detail that helps to keep the rest of us on track.

Licensed Professionals

The City of refuge is required by Honduran law to have a licensed  psychologist  and social worker on staff.  We are blessed to have two very dedicated people Eduardo, Julissa and Sagrario our Social Worker filling these roles.

We are also grateful and blessed to have our new Medical Doctor Sara Herrera.

La Finca (The Farm)

Farming in Honduras is not easy.  Tasks accomplished with machinery in America  must often be done by hand in the rough mountain terrain of Honduras.  We honor and appreciate our full time farm crew.  They are master stewards of the land without whom The City of Refuge children would surely starve.

Educadors (Tias and Tios)

The direct caregivers at The City of refuge are some of the most dedicated and hardworking members of our staff. They work one week on and one week off and supervise boy’s, girls, and pequenos (ages 0-8) in separate dorms twenty four hours per day.  There simply aren’t words adequate enough to communicate the appreciation and respect we have for these incredible people.

La Cocina  (The Kitchen)

The City of Refuge kitchen is headed up by our own chef Cesar and his dedicated staff work sun up to late into the night preparing fresh and utterly delicious meals for the City of Refuge children and staff.   We are trying to convince Cesar to write his own cook book.  Come visit us and you’ll understand why.

Construction and Maintenance

Maintenance is another 24/7 job at The City of Refuge.  They deal with everything from the near constant plumbing and electrical repairs to fixing vehicles, welding truck frames to building furniture and swing sets for the kids.  Whatever the job they “git’er done”.

Escuela – The School

The Bilingual Christian School at the City of Refuge is a top of the line institution for grades 1-9.  The children receive an education that is biblical and in line with Honduran government standards.  If you spend any time at our school there is one thing that will become abundantly clear.  Our teachers love the children and they absolutely love to teach.  We are eternally grateful that they do.


Whether its picking up food or other supplies, transporting missionaries and employees on outreaches or a medical emergency, our drivers and mechanics get it done.


The City of Refuge is one of the safest if not the safest place in Honduras thanks to our  guards who patrol the grounds and watch the front gate.  Among other things they are tasked with keeping vehicle records,  ensuring children do not leave the compound without proper authorization.

Full Time Missionaries