Rev. Tom Stamman

Missionary Evangelist, Preacher, Teacher, Blue Collar Prophet

Tom works daily to save the lost, preach the Word of God, and strengthen, encourage, instruct, comfort and edify the Body of Christ on a group and individual basis.  If you’ve been to his meetings then you know he doesn’t stop until he has personally prayed for every single person there.

Tom gave his life to Christ when he was seventeen years old at a Bible camp in Hillsboro, MO.  Later that same year he went on a mission’s trip to Colombia. It changed his life forever.

Tom graduated from North Central Bible College with a B.S. in Pastoral Studies in the spring of 1984. He has published eight books one of which was used as a textbook at Rhema Bible College in Tulsa, OK.

In 2004 Tom married the love of his life Dr. Teresa Stamman and Impact Ministries International was conceived.  The City of Refuge was born in 2008 when Tom realized that eight children from one of their Honduran feeding programs were naked and homeless.  It wrecked him. He set his face like flint and has been on a relentless mission to save and improve the lives of widows and orphans in Honduras and dozens of countries around the world ever since.  Tom speaks and preaches at least 400 times a year to promote the message of James 1:27 and the IMI vision of fulfilling the great commission one life at a time.


Dr. Rev. Teresa Stamman

Medical Doctor, Missionary, Evangelist, Head of Operations at City of Refuge

Teresa was raised in the nation of Peru.  Her father was a successful business man, and her mother was a school teacher. She has four sisters and one brother. Teresa grew up in a very compassionate and loving family. Her father always helped people in the community, especially the poor.  Teresa studied medicine after high school and chose and eventually moved to Poland to continue her education. This was during the communist rule. She was privileged to witness the fall of the Berlin Wall and Poland’s freedom from communism. Teresa was always spiritually inclined.  Even so, she remained skeptical about Christianity. One day she asked God, “Show me you are real!  He did.   Then she had a dream of uniformed children marching like little soldiers. She asked God what it meant. The Lord showed her that, “These are the future generations in the world, and if we don’t take care of that generation, it will be lost.” She had a vision of a huge clock that was ticking and going very fast, and this frightened her. She asked the Lord what that meant. The Lord said, “Time is running out – the clock is ticking!”

She met Tom in North Carolina, and they were married in 2004.  Teresa or “Momma Teresa” as she is known in Honduras, is a True Jill of all trades.  Her ability to simultaneously juggle and manage so many tasks and challenges at the City of Refuge is nothing less than supernatural.  Watching Teresa in action is proof positive that God has His hand in every aspect of her life.