The story of Impact Ministries International, and the work of Tom and Teresa Stamman

 Tom founded Impact Ministries International (IMI) to help him expand his evangelism and prophetic ministry in the late 1980’s.  God has turned IMI into something so much more than just prophesying and evangelizing, it has become a global mission organization. In the early 1990’s with the help of Rev. Stephen Stauffacher IMI began to ordain people into the ministry.

Tom and Teresa have met so many people gifted and called into ministry and who are not finding acceptance or a platform to do what they are called to do. They feel strongly that they must do something about it. They created an ordination process that has ordained over 750 people who now serve God as pastors, teachers, missionaries, church leaders, and so much more in over thirty countries. IMI ministers are found all over the world in countries including Honduras, Guatemala, Peru, Mexico, Belize, Haiti, Colombia, Argentina, Ukraine Belarus, Ireland, Turkey, India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Cambodia, Burma, Laos, Liberia, Norway, UK, Ireland, Canada, Fiji, Costa Rica, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Congo and Uganda.

 In 2003 he went to Honduras to preach a revival and scout out land for an orphanage. It was there he saw a horrific scene: The emaciated bodies of starving orphans and widows combing through the hot and foul garbage dumps in search of scraps to fill their bellies. Then finding out that the little children have to become prostitutes to feed their younger siblings. Something had to change.

They decided to send $100 a month to feed twenty single moms corn, beans and rice. Out of that experienced birthed a world-wide ministry. IMI has fed children in Argentina, Bangladesh, Belarus, Guatemala, Kenya, Haiti, Honduras, India, Sudan, Philippines, Cambodia, Guyana, and Colombia. A total of 55 countries have been served by Impact Ministries in different areas. IMI has given over 10 million dollars to help the poor and needy.

IMI has a widow and orphan sponsorship program. So far, hundreds of kids have been sponsored – thanks to those who come to Tom’s meetings and share the Stammans’ burden to help feed a starving child. So far, IMI has feeding centers, missions, and programs in Argentina, Bangladesh, Belarus, Guatemala, Kenya, Haiti, Honduras, India, Sudan, Philippines, Cambodia, Madagascar, Guyana, and Columbia.

IMI has also dug 32 water wells in eight countries including Honduras, Burma, Malawi, Cambodia, Vietnam, Liberia, Madagascar, and Laos.

In 2008 we launched our first agricultural project in Uganda. (Agriculture is talked about in detail in another part of the website) We started in Uganda where we bought 100 acres. Then we expanded to Guatemala. We currently are working on a plan to be raise all of our own food in Honduras by March 2017 to feed 200 people a day.

God has surely taken IMI to new areas of the world in order to minister His Gospel and also in order to show the sign of faith that we have in Jesus Christ. The purpose of IMI is to go into all the world and minister so the body of Christ may be built up, that the world may see the amazing miracles of God, and that souls will be saved and transformed. God takes Tom and Teresa Stamman all over the world to feed and care for those who have never felt cared for. “It surely is His work, and we are blessed to be His servants”, say the Stammans.

IMI is a large wheel with many spokes including: Agriculture, building, overseeing pastors and churches, building a city called the City of Refuge, coaching and mentoring, education, entrepreneurism, prophetic prayer, feeding poor children and widows, mission trips, helping orphans, ordaining ministers, cabin rentals, and a bed and breakfast. We are multi-faceted and believe we have something for everyone. For more details, look up the activities that you are interested in.

Today IMI offers you the opportunity to save the lives of children through sponsorship and donation. Your financial gifts go to the child you sponsor. Your financial gifts also are used for one of our many other projects that directly help children and poor communities. With your help IMI can continue to provide clean drinking water, offer fresh meals, support farms, build and support orphanages for abused and abandoned children, offer a Christian education to rescued orphans, and build businesses and communities.

Help us make an impact on our world. Donate to save lives, feed children, educate our future leaders, and support communities across the globe while shining the light of Christ. Join us on mission trips to the countries we support, or Minister with us to save souls and plant churches in communities where the Gospel has not yet been heard. We hope to partner with you very soon.

What good is it, my brothers, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can that faith save him? If a brother or sister is poorly clothed and lacking in daily food, and one of you says to them, “Go in peace, be warmed and filled, without giving them the things needed for the body, what good is it?” So also faith by itself, if it does not have works is dead, but someone will say, “You have faith and I have works, “show me your faith apart from your works, and I will show you my faith by my works.” James 2:14-18 ESV

Afghanistan- donated money for Bibles

Argentina – fed children for many years

Bangladesh – built a school, support 10 children in school

Belarus – fed poor children for many years

Belize – getting ready to buy land to build another city of refuge

Bolivia – ordained a missionary going to Bolivia

Botswana – financially supported a missionary

Bulgaria – mission trip

Burma – dug a well

Cambodia – did a mission trip, dug wells

Canada – We ordained two evangelists and I have preached in Canada 15 to 20 times.

China – working with a missionary

Colombia – supported an orphanage for many years, first mission trip

Costa Rica – ordained a missionary

Ethiopia – Supported an orphanage

Fiji – ordained a pastor

Germany – went on a mission’s trip

Ghana – ordained a pastor

Guatemala – mission’s trip, feed hundreds of children, own three properties

Guyana – Partnered with a feeding program that fed 44 families

Haiti – mission’s trip, feed children, started a goat farm

Honduras –

Ireland – preached five conferences and have an IMI pastor

Haiti – started a goat farm and supported poor children

India – sponsor one orphanage at one time sponsored two, mission’s trip, on a board of a ministry in India

Israel – mission’s trip

Jamaica – mission’s trip

Kenya – mission’s trip, support poor children, started a goat farm

Laos – dug a well

Liberia – own 300 acres, 13 churches, ordained 6 pastors, 9 acre rubber tree farm

Malawi – dug a water well

Malaysia –mission’s trip

Mexico – We have two ordained missionaries.

Nicaragua – I went on a mission’s trip

Nigeria – mission’s trip and we have an NGO, and a pastor ordained with us
Norway – ordained a minister

Panama – missions’ trip
Peru – missions’ trip we own 40 acres supported an orphanage in the past
Philippines – fed 1000’s of children mission’s trip

Poland – 2 mission’s trips

St. Lucia – missions trip

Sierra Leone – pastor

Sudan – Fed poor children

Tanzania – ordained a pastor

Thailand – ordained missionaries

Togo – ordained a pastor

Turkey – ordained a missionary

Uganda – own a 100 acre farm, ordained an apostle

Ukraine – ordained a missionary, mission trip

UK – preached at an IMI church and have an IMI pastor there

USA – I have preached over 10,000 times and prayed over 500,000 prophetic prayers over people since 1996. We have ordained over 700 people in the USA and have approximately 40 pastors in our IMI network.

Vietnam – dug a water well

Agriculture – We believe agriculture changes culture. We have farms in Uganda, Honduras and Liberia and have invested in farms in Haiti, Kenya and Bangladesh. We have plans to start farms in Belize, Democratic Republic of Congo and Cameroon. Currently IMI owns over 1,000 acres in Honduras, Guatemala, Bangladesh, Peru, the USA, Liberia, and Uganda.

Builders – IMI has five full-time contractors and two part-time contractors in Honduras. Plus we build occasionally in the USA and different countries.

Churches and pastors – we have a number of pastors in the USA, central America, Africa and Europe who are part of our network.

Coaching – I have a mentorship and coaching for ministers and business people.

Education – IMI built a school in Bangladesh with over 100 students. We have 10 classrooms with over 125 students in Honduras. We have two schools in Liberia. Our schools are Christian –based and bi-lingual. Plus we help sponsor a school in Uganda. We have approximately 500 children in our Christian Schools.

Entrepreneurism – IMI sponsors 4 to 5 entrepreneur conferences across the USA. Check conferences to see when you can attend the next one.

Mission trips –

Feeding programs – We feed thousands of children in the Philippines, hundreds in Guatemala and dozens in Uganda. Over the years we have fed children in Honduras, Argentina, Bangladesh, Belarus, Guatemala, Kenya, Haiti, India, Sudan, Philippines, Cambodia, Guyana, Liberia, and Colombia.

Moms–  We have 500 moms for ten years in Honduras and we are setting up a feeding program for widows in The Democratic Republic of Congo.

Ordination – We have ordained nearly 750 ministers in over 20 countries.

Orphans – Impact Ministries International is a Christian Organization devoted to the cause of the impoverished with an emphasis on helping orphans. We provide food, shelter, clothing, education, recreation, housing, spiritual training and most of all – love. We have sponsored orphanages in different countries such as Haiti, Colombia, Peru, Ethiopia and Colombia. Our primary focus is Honduras where we have 60 children, we sponsor an orphanage in India and partner with an orphanage in Liberia.

Water projects – IMI has sponsored 32 water wells in 8 countries. For $1,500 you can give a village clean, healthy water.