Impact Ministries Family

A Letter from the Missions President, Dr, Teresa Stamman



We are excited that you are interested in the Impact Ministries International mission trip to Honduras. We are changing the world

for Jesus and seeking and saving the lost, while helping orphans and widows. As the scripture tells us, this is religion that our Father

accepts as pure and faultless. All our trips to Honduras are life changing and everyone is different

Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the world. It is the second poorest country in the western hemisphere. We are

going to arrive at the airport in Tegucigalpa. We will then drive 2 hours west to Comayagua. Comayagua is the fourth largest city in

Honduras. Our City of Refuge is located 45 minutes from Comayagua in the Village name El Motatal. We will be staying in our Hotel at

the City of Refuge that has a swimming pool. In The City of Refuge we have an orphanage with 72 children we have a school a medical

clinic, a hardware store, a kiosk a bakery small restaurant we also have a farm with 20 cows and 40 sheep. The church is 45 minutes

from the City of Refuge. The weather is hot so bring light clothes for the day and a light jacket for night. We are going to be helping

out with the orphanage, feeding center, and church in any way that we can. Be mentally prepared that this is not a vacation, but a way

that we can help out and be servants for Christ. Our goal is to set an example and make a difference in this oppressed communities

sharing the love of Christ.

There is a lot of things we do in this missions trips. We are very flexible you can chose what you want to do. We can build benches,

tables, shelves, you can do landscaping, planting fruit trees, agrass, planting a garden, building fencing for sheep and goats, you can

teach the children English, music and art. You can have some workshops for the children and workers according to your skills. You

help out in the kitchen making meals or at the farm milking cows, feeding animals etc. Also we have the medical clinic you can help

treating patients if you are a medical person. Also we feed the poor in poor communities and garbage dumps. We do street evangelism

and church meetings and outreaches. The list is endless of what we can do to help Honduras. We want you to see that your help is

making a difference for these beautiful people. We appreciate your obedience and your efforts to come with us.

Attached you will find the Mission Team Handbook, a Registration Form, Liability Forms and Traveling Healthy Guide. Please take time

to review all the information and pray about your involvement with this mission trip.

As you will read in the Mission Team Handbook, there is much preparation necessary through prayer as you prepare for a mission trip.

As you pray about this mission trip, please also pray about how you can serve God, the children, the mothers and the area while in

Honduras, as well as seeking direction in terms of your interest in being a group leader.

We are impacting lives for Him and we are so glad you want to be a part of making a difference for the Kingdom by going with Impact

Ministries International to Honduras! Please feel free to forward this e-mail to others who you think might be interested.


Rev. Teresa Stamman

Impact Ministries International

President of Missions

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at Teresa or call me at 612-816-3124.