Dr. Rev. Teresa Stamman 

Medical Doctor, Missionary Evangelist, Curator at City of Refuge 

   Teresa was raised as a Roman Catholic in the nation of Peru. Her father was a successful business man and her mother was a school teacher. She has four sisters and one brother. Teresa grew up in a very compassionate and loving family. Her father always helped people in the community, especially the poor. People would come for help and he would never turn anybody away. As a family tradition, they would go every to bring Christmas dinner to people in jail. This was a strong influence on Teresa, and gave her a heart of deep compassion for others.  

  Upon graduating from high school, Teresa went into medical school to become a doctor and help people live strong healthy lives. While Teresa was in her first year of medical school in Peru, she moved to Poland to continue her education. This was during the communist rule. She was privileged to experience Poland’s freedom from communism, and witness the fall of the Berlin wall.  

  This theme of freedom, liberty, compassion and leadership has continued to grow in Teresa’s life. She is truly a born leader. While attending medical school in Poland, Teresa was appointed President of the Foreign Students Council. From this position, she was a strong advocate for her fellow students, to help them solve different types of problems – from academic situations to immigration issues. She enjoyed being of service to her fellow students, in this meaningful way.  Teresa says, “You can help people change their lives and destinies from any level of society, but if you have the opportunity to be in a position of leadership or be economically situated, you can help even more people”.   

  During her time in college, she traveled extensively around the world. Ecuador, Poland, Germany, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba, Honduras, Czech Republic, England, Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Luxembourg, and Italy are some of the countries she visited. This gave her a broad understanding of the needs of humanity, and the different societies in our world today.  

  During her undergraduate work in Medical School in Poland, Teresa began to investigate various New Age and Eastern religions. She was very skeptical about Christianity. Many of her friends shared Jesus with her but she was too skeptical to believe in God. One day she asked God, “Show me you are real!  If you are, I will believe in you and serve you for the rest of my life.” By God’s mercy she later received Christ as her Savior. God showed her true signs and wonders, powerful healings and miracles.  

  God began to use Teresa powerfully, with accurate prophesies over people and miraculous healings. The first time she prophesied she thought she had schizophrenia because she was seeing things in people like a movie. This really scared her, and she asked God to explain to her what was going on. God in his mercy and grace showed her in the Bible the verse, Acts 2:17, when she didn’t even know the Bible yet. It says that in the last days God’s sons and daughters will prophesy….. Teresa immediately began to feel a burden to reach lost souls for Christ.  

  She joined a Pentecostal church in Poland and began to go witnessing on the streets. During one of her trips to Honduras she felt a strong burning in her heart to be missionary medical doctor. She also received numerous prophetic words that God was calling her into a prophetic healing ministry. As a medical doctor in Poland, a number of her patients were healed through prayer. In 2000 she moved to America to learn English and prepare to become a missionary medical doctor.  

  When Teresa was first saved, she had a dream of children in a uniform marching like little soldiers. She wondered what that meant. The Lord shared with her, “These are the future generations in the world, and if we don’t take care of that generation, it will be lost.” She had a vision of a huge clock that was ticking and going very fast, and this frightened her. She asked the Lord what that meant. The Lord said, “There is not time anymore – the clock is ticking.”  

  While she was in college in North Carolina, she met her husband, Tom Stamman. They were married in 2004. Tom & Teresa Stamman immediately devoted their lives together to save children, especially those that are living in garbage dumps and wandering on the streets. Tom and Teresa rescue these children and bring them into safe orphanages where they receive love, the Word of God, and an excellent education.  

Rev. Tom Stamman 

Missionary Evangelist, Preacher, Blue Collar Prophet 

  Tom works daily to save the lost, preach the Word of God, and deliver personal ministry resulting in healing and miracles. He speaks and preaches over 400 times a year! 

  Raised as a Roman Catholic, as a young child, Tom wanted to be a priest. He gave his life to Christ when he was seventeen years old at a Bible camp in Hillsboro, MO.  Later that summer Tom went on a mission’s trip to Colombia that forever changed his life. If was there that Tom was called to the ministry when he went to Colombia on a mission trip. He saw poor children seeking shelter under bridges, covering themselves with cardboard, and living in garbage dumps.  That broke his heart, and he made a decision that he would one day save children from living in garbage dumps. 

  In 1979 he went to North Central Bible College and graduated with a B.S. in Pastoral Studies in the spring of 1984. During that time, he took a year and a half off to be a youth pastor in Algona, IA at an Assembly of God Church. From 1986 to 1995 he traveled across America and taught evangelism. He wrote two books on evangelism, one of which was used as a textbook at Rhema Bible College in Tulsa, OK. 1995 to 1996 He was a National marketing director for a nutritional company. In 1996 He was radically transformed and his prophetic ministry was birthed.  

  He releases personal prophetic words over people, equipping the church to evangelize and be trained in the gifts of the Spirit; he also conducts entrepreneurial conferences and loves to train people and coach people in business.  He is a body building instructor, and an avid business man. Since then he has had the opportunity to pray over people over 500,000 times, preach over 10,000 meetings all over the world. He preaches an average of 400-420 times a year from coast to coast and to the ends of the earth.  

   In 2004 he married the love of his life Dr. Teresa Stamman and a world-wide ministry was birthed. Since then he has traveled to 41 countries, and through IMI has given over $10,000,000, seen over 100,000 people receive Christ, fed tens of thousands of children and widows and we are currently building a city called The City of Refuge in Honduras. He has had the awesome privilege to ordain approximately 750 people into the ministry. He has authored 8 books in the last 20 years. 

  Tom’s first book was “How to Share Your Faith” which was used at Rhema Bible School in Tulsa, OK. He went on to write “Blue Collar Prophet”, and then “Financial Freedom.” Other books include “Blue Collar Answers”, and co-authored several other books including “Carrying the Torch for Revival” with Rodney Burton, and “Success Isn’t Accidental” volumes 1 and 2 with Michael McDermott. 

  They have three Children and four grandchildren and one on the way. Plus, our children we love and care for world-wide. 

  In Honduras, they are well on their way to completing the first Impact Ministries International “City of Refuge.” This includes an orphanage (one for boys and one for girls), a school, a medical clinic, and a professional soccer field. They have 70 plus acres of land being farmed with beans, corn and vegetables – and they are even raising tilapia and lobster. While the City of Refuge is becoming more and more self-sufficient, their ultimate goal is to build a city of refuge in every country they are in.  

  Teresa has the medical clinic open to the public in Honduras and they have medical brigades to the mountains and the garbage dump helping a lot of people that don’t have money to see a doctor and get medicine. She has also hired a part time medical doctor to help. Her goal is to one day build a Hospital there in Honduras, to see people healed and living happy, healthy lives.